Theo Frastanlis/Profile


      my name is Theo Frastanlis and I am a sculptor and custom made designs maker living and working in Thessaloniki, Greece.

My relationship with making begun almost 20 years ago. Making small woodcarvings privately at first, eventually i found myself making wooden furniture in parallel with drawing studies.After moving to the U.K. I completed my Fine Arts - (Interdisciplinary Practice) studies at the University of Brighton. Parallel to my studies I worked in various workshops, mostly focusing on technical skill of single material production.

I have been running my own workshop in Thessaloniki since 2012 and since  i take pride in having worked with or for very talented people and having produced some great pieces of work.I wish for my work to expand in terms both of materials and designs based on my clients needs, which thankfully so far have been both diverse and challenging. Therefore you will notice three quite distinct categories in my work :

 a) Designer work/ usefull objects mainly in fiberglass, b)Sculptures, c)Props & Themes

Currently my work revolves mainly around applications of fiberglass, resins and concrete mainly due to its versatility and potential. I enjoy altering or compiling different techniques to create superb quality handmade items based on the designs i work with. My aim is to interprete your concepts and designs,from small to very large, to bring them to life as you imagined them, in 3 dimensions.  


 I hope you enjoy my website, I look forward to hearing from you


Theo Frastanlis